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Data & Analytics

Deep-dive analytics

Our Data and Analytics team is a melting pot of data geeks, number crunchers and professional puzzle solvers. Together we dive deep to provide useful analytical insights and draw factual conclusions on any data-related issue within Takeaway.com. Our remit is simple: to ensure that every decision is a well-informed decision.

Positively international

Join the Data & Analytics team and you’ll be welcome into one of the most fun and diverse groups of people within Takeaway.com. We’re young, we’re international – our team members come from all over the world – and we’re all very sociable. Don’t be surprised to be invited to one of the regular games nights, the table tennis events or to take part in an occasional fun bet!

'We're all a bit geeky and love to play with data, on and off the job!'
- Sebastiaan Nicaise, Business Analyst