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IT & Product

Show and grow your talent

Welcome to the heart of Takeaway.com; where our users’ needs are transformed into outstanding technical solutions. We’re tech passionates who don’t do boring. In this young, creative and ambitious team, you’ll have the chance to take what you know and run with it. Plus explore new methods and state of the art technologies.

Fast-paced environment

Here, we integrate new features to turn customer wishes into convenient solutions, plus maintain the system platform and keep everything live and running. You’ll need lots of energy and a real feel for working in a team. But if smart devices, machine learning, deep learning, Alexa and more fire you up, you’ll love the fast-paced environment that’s down to earth and open to your new ideas.

'We make ordering food easier by introducing new features that impact positively on both millions of consumers and the thousands of restaurants and drivers who use our product.'
- Brenno Misuraca, Lead Product