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Route 1 to great eats

Marketing within Takeaway.com is the place where creative and data-driven people work together on a single goal: becoming the most-preferred and most-loved food order brand in Europe. How? By offering hungry consumers the quickest online route to their favourite meal. By offering menu and food choice advice. By becoming the platform that they love to use most.

Epic campaigns and content

Whether building a next-generation Adword campaign, creating epic content or developing a new and improved push-message strategy, we’ll welcome your customer-oriented expertise with open arms. In return you can expect a work environment in which you can develop yourself and make an impact. And have lots of fun!

''We are a dynamic team that covers all marketing channels: brand, retention, performance and restaurant marketing. Together, we ensure that Takeaway.com continues to set records. So, if you are looking for opportunities to grow, learn on the job and overcome challenges, we are the place to be!'
- Maurine Alma, CMO