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Partner Services

Help restaurants grow

Takeaway.com is an online food ordering platform for millions of hungry consumers, and a pathway to growth for our restauranteur clients. Our partner services and operations department is the driving spirit behind our goal ofmaximising results for restaurants. By supporting restaurant owners with relevant insights, smart tools and great promotional materials, we develop an environment in which all parties benefit.

Hands-on, flexible, proactive

We believe in building strong relationships with our restaurants. So we go the extra mile. From personal visits to restaurants through negotiating the best prices for merchandise and disposables, to arranging all sorts of logistics. It’s a broad field of operations that offers opportunities for all sorts of people. You’ll need to hands-on, you’ll need to be flexible, you’ll need to be proactive. If you are, we’d love to have you join us in our inspirational Enschede office!

Join our Partner Services department

'We drive constant change in a complex and competitive market.'
- Bert-Jan van Mook, Partner Operational Manager